Photo courtesy of Frances Jones, daughter of
Johnnie Huff, PO2/C, on board March 1943-December 1945

1 April 2007 - Email from crewmember Harold Roth:
63 years ago at this hour I remember the USS TOMICH DE 242 in the Mediterranean Sea had just got through Hedge Hogging and Depth Charging a U-Boat off southern France and after returning to the convoy around 0200 shot down one of the German Torpedo Planes that was attacking our convoy.

27 January 2007 - Email from crewmember Harold Roth:
Today will be 61 years since I was in Tsingtao, China which is called Qingdao, now. [ I REMEMBER IT WELL].  I left the USS Tomich DE 242 that I served aboard from 7-27-43 to 1-27-46 by whale boat at about 1300 hrs to another ship for my return to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA via San Francisco and train to Great Lakes for discharge on 2-22-46.

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