Wake Island Surrender Aboard USS Levy DE 162

Surrender of Wake Island Aboard USS LEVY DE 162
4 September 1945

Left to right, sitting at table:
Japanese Army Colonel Shigeharu Chikamori, Sakaibara, Japanese Paymaster Lieutenant P. Hisao Napasato, Marine Brigadier General Lawson H. M. Sanderson, of Santa Barbara, Cal., Commander of the Fourth Marine Air Wing who accepted the surrender in the name of Rear Admiral W. K. Harrill, Army Sergeant Larry Watanabe of Honolulu, official interpreter at the surrender, and Colonel T. J. Walker Jr., Sanderson's Chief of Staff.

Standing, center back, holding pipe, is Colonel Walter L. J. Baylor, last man to leave and first to return to Wake Island.

NH Photo

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