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Destroyer Escort Sailors Association DESA

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DESA proudly presents three awards to websites that meet certain criteria. You may apply for or be recommended by someone for the awards. 

Read the criteria to see if your site is eligible to receive an award. Please note that these awards are not given to everyone who applies. These are coveted and earned awards. To apply or recommend a website, complete the form below.

See A List of Award Winning Web Sites

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The Ship Award is presented to websites that honor a Destroyer Escort or other US Navy vessel. Other websites that honor US servicemen or US military service and history are eligible for this award.


DESA Patriot Award

The Patriot Award is given primarily to websites that honor the Destroyer Escort and her crew. It is also presented to sites that honor US Navy or other military history and to sites honoring military service or patriotism.

The two awards above will be personalized for you website if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Your website is original and created by you. No commercial websites, please

  2. Your website has substantial content, not just links to other websites

  3. Your website is maintained regularly, easy to navigate and links work properly

  4. Your website is well designed and easy to read.

  5. Your website can be viewed by all ages

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DESA Award of Excellence

The DESA Award of Excellence cannot be applied for but may be recommended by site visitors. This is a prestigious award and given only to the best of the best!

This Superior Award is awarded at the discretion of the DESA awards committee to personal websites that present exemplary content in preserving the history of the DE, the US Navy or other branches of our Armed Forces and/or honoring or assisting our Veterans. 

The web site must meet the following criteria:

  1. Site demonstrates excellence by adhering to current professional design standards. If you are not familiar with the current standards, your site probably does not qualify for this award.

  2. Web site content is vitally important, but excellence in design is a must.  The site is judged for quality, consistency and professionalism.  This requirement separates basic and expert web design.

  3. Site displays properly in various browsers, not one specific browser, to accommodate all web visitors.

  4. There is substantial content, not just links to other websites.

  5. Site is maintained regularly, easy to navigate and links work properly.

  6. Site demonstrates value and importance to the viewer as evidenced by their recommendation.

  7. Sound may be used but the viewer must have be able to turn off the sound easily.

  8. Site loads quickly.

  9. Site contains minimal animated graphics.

  10. Advertisements are kept to a minimum.

  11. No commercial websites are eligible.

You may apply for an award or be recommended by someone for an award.  To apply or recommend a website, please complete the form below.

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