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How to Submit Photos and Information for Inclusion on this Web Site

If you have a photo or other information to submit, please read the following information carefully.  I apologize for the lengthy instructions, but I want to try to answer any questions you may have.

Acceptable Photos  |  Unacceptable Photos  |  Scanning Your Photos  |
If You Do Not Have A Scanner  |  Ship History Submission  | 
Info To Include With Each Submission

Please understand that I an unable to use every photo sent to me. The reasons are simple. Please keep these things in mind before sending me your photos. 

  • DESA pays a monthly fee for the web site that covers a specific size web site. If we exceed our size limit we will be charged more money. Photos take up a lot of space on the web site.

  • Photos need to be of interest to all who view them. For this reason, photos of crewmembers are not often used because they are really of interest only to the crew of the specific DE.

Acceptable Photos:

  • Ship photos where mostly the ship is seen, not the crew or scenic surroundings

  • Close-up photos of specific parts of the ship. Shipmates may be in the photo but not the focus of the photo

  • Photos of crewmembers only if they are performing a job or doing something that would help explain to the viewer service on a DE.

  • Commissioning ceremony photos of the crew are acceptable as well as photos of officers.

Photos I Am Unable To Use:

  • Photos showing only posed shipmates

  • Photos of poor quality

Scanning Your Photo


  • If your photo is the small, approx. 2.5 x 3.75", size typical of WWII photos, the photo needs to be enlarged to twice the original size. This needs to be done within the scanning program, _before_ the final scan. Most people make the mistake of scanning the photo, saving it, THEN trying to enlarge the photo in their photo program. This results in a grainy poor quality photo if you do very much enlarging.

  • How do you know if you have scanned the photo to a large enough size for my use? It's simple:

When you view your scanned photo on your monitor and it fills up at least half your screen, the size if perfect for my use! Do not worry that the scanned image is so large because I will downsize the photo to fit my needs on the web site. I can easily reduce the size of a photo but I cannot easily enlarge the size without the photo becoming very fuzzy/blurry.

Scanning Resolution:

  • Scan at 100 or 150 dpi. I try to keep the resolution good enough so people can print a good quality photo from the web site, so do not scan at resolutions lower than 100 dpi.

Scanning Rules:

  • Scan in grayscale (not color mode)

  • Save the photo in .jpg format. No .bmp or .tiff files excepted, please

  • Do not "edit" the photo, i.e. contrast/brightness, smudging/blending

  • Do not add text descriptions to the photo.

  • Do not place the photo in a WORD file to send to me.  Send only the photo.


  • Always, always - did I mention the word "always"? - crop your pictures BEFORE you do the final scan, using the scanner's preview mode. After the quick preview shows up on your screen, crop the image by drawing a box around the area you want scanned. Never scan the white background along with the photo, for three good reason: The scanner's automatic brightness and contrast adjustment will think the white background is part of the picture and will adjust the image quality badly; the image will be much bigger than it has to be, making the resulting file unwieldy; and the scan will take a lot longer.

If any of the above instructions are confusing to you, do not worry. Just scan your photo and send it to me via email attachment and I will tell you if it is usable or not and try to help you with your scanning process, if needed.  Send email to:


If You Do Not Have A Scanner

You may mail your photos to me and I will scan them and return your originals within 72 hours. I can offer you references that vouch for my quick turn around time. I know how important your photos are to you, as my father's are to me.

  • Please contact me _before_ sending your photos so that I will know when to expect them.

  • It is best if you mail your photos so that they arrive to me during the week. If I am out of town for the weekend I do not want your photos sitting in my mailbox while I am away.

  • Be _sure_ to package your photos so they will not be damaged. I recommend placing the photos in a box. If you use a mailing envelope you should add a layer of cardboard inside the envelope. Write on the envelope "Photos - Do Not Bend".

Contact me for instructions for sending your photos:


If You Have A Ship History

Please do not scan typed pages to send to me. These pages do not work well on the web site. I need the document typed and sent to me via email. Many people send me printed copies via US Mail and do not realize that I then have to retype all the information into my computer.

If you are unable to type the information for me, please send the information via US Mail and I will ask one of the DESA web site volunteers to type the information for you.

If You Type Your History:

  • Do _not_ do any formatting to the text, i.e. indented paragraphs, bold or colored text. This formatting will not work well on the web site. I will format the information as needed.

  • Use either Notepad, Wordpad or a similar simple note program to type your information.  

  • SAVE the file as a .txt (Text) file, _not_ a .doc file.

  • Do _not_ use WORD, WORKS, WORD PERFECT or other similar programs.


  • Attach the typed file to email and send it to me. If you are not familiar with how to attach files to email, there is another method you can use IF your typed information is no longer than about 5 pages. You can simply COPY the text and PASTE it into the body of an email to me at:



Information To Include With Your Submission:

I want to be sure to give you credit for your photo/information! So, please tell me:

  • Your full name

  • Rate/rank (ex: RM 2/c)

  • Dates you were aboard your ship and if you were a Plankowner.

  • Include a description of the photo. The more description the better! I am willing to publish anything anyone is willing to tell me about their photos. Web visitors like to know something about the photo, i.e. location, the approximate date, what is going on in the photo, etc.

Thank you for your offer of photos and information. Your help enables us to keep alive the memories of the important role and service of the DE and the fine men who manned these trim but deadly ships.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am here to help you in any way that I can.


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