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On 3 October 1944, Japanese submarine I-177 was sunk by DE 183 North West of Palau, 07 d. 48' N, 133 d. 28' E.  Many sources show that on  3 October 1944 USS SAMUEL S. MILES DE 183 sank Japanese submarine I-364 in the Palau Islands.  This is incorrect.  As stated above, on this date DE 183 sank I-177.  This information has been verified by official USN and Japanese Imperial Navy documents and by Charles R. Markham, DE 183 crewmember.

On 14 June 2004 Mr. Markham provided the following information:

"On 3 October 1944 it is stated that Japanese Submarine I-364 was sunk by USS SAMUEL S. MILES DE 183 in Palau Islands.  This information is incorrect. USS SAMUEL S. MILES DE 183 sank Japanese Submarine I-177 at the above date and location.
See "Dictionary American Fighting Ships" (Naval History Division US Navy) and "Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-1945. The Naval History of World War Two" by J. Rohwes & G. Hummelchen for reference as an example. 

Additional information that may be of interest:

Prior to it's sinking, I-177 had, between 18 March and 18 June 1943, sank one
ship of 8724 tons in convoy and the 3222 ton Hospital Ship "Centaur" off the
East Coast of Australia.

25 November 1943, I-177 rescued 278 men from the Japanese Destroyer
"Yagiri" that was sunk off Bougainville.

2 January 1944, I-177 evacuated Lt. General Adachi from New Guinea.

At the time I-177 was sunk by my ship, DE 183, the Submarine was under the Command of Lt. Cmdr. Masaki Watanabe.  Capt. Kanji Matsumura, the Commander of SubDiv 34, was also aboard.  Capt. Matsumura was a high ranking Officer in the Japanese "Kaiten" Program.

In October 1950, I was recalled to "Active Duty" during the Korean War and
served in Intelligence Section Commander Naval Forces Far East where I had
the opportunity to view various post-World War 2 publications, both
Japanese and United States accounts of various Naval Actions."

Charles R. Markham

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