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The second Stockdale (DE-399) was laid down on 15 July 1942; launched on 22 November 1942; sponsored by Mrs. L.C. Stockdale; and commissioned on 31 December 1943; Lieutenant Commander R.W. Luther USNR, in command.

Stockdale held her shakedown cruise off Bermuda during February and underwent a short yard period at Charleston, South Carolina in March before proceeding to Norfolk, Virginia. The escort was assigned to escort Division 58. The division sailed from Norfolk on 24 March with convoy UGS 37 bound for North Africa. The convoy consisted of 60 merchant ships and six LST's. On 17 April, the convoy was attacked by the Luftwaffe as it neared Algeria. A mixed force of Donniers and Junkers made bombing runs on the convoy and the escorts. No merchant ships of the convoy were damaged, but Holder (DE-401) was torpedoed and badly damaged. Stockdale escorted two more convoys to the Mediterranean and returned with GUS 51 in early October.

On 22 October 1944, Stockdale began escorting convoys to the United Kingdom and the continent. Between that date and May 1945 she made five round-trip voyages. Her last convoy duty ended at Brooklyn, New York, and she entered the navy yard there for a major overhaul in preparation for duty in the Pacific. Stockdale held gunnery exercises at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, while en route to Hawaii. The Panama Canal was transited on 8 July, and Stockdale arrived at Pearl Harbor on 25 July. Additional
training exercises were conducted until the end of August. 

Stockdale sailed for Honshu, Japan on 1 September as escort for the carrier Matanikua (CVE-101). After a brief stay in Japanese home waters, the ship sailed for Guam and operated as a weather station ship. She then researched the Admiralty Islands for missing service personnel, and made strategic bombing surveys at Rabaul, New Britain, before being ordered back to the east coast in January 1946.

Stockdale arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 11 February for yard availability prior to inactivation. She arrived at Green Cove Springs, Florida, on 21 March and was assigned to the Atlantic Reserve Fleet.  Stockdale was decommissioned on 15 June 1946 and was placed out of commission in reserve until struck from the Navy list on 1 July 1972.

Stockdale received one battle star for World War II service.

Submitted by:
Robert M. Eaton, RT/ET 1/c, Plankowner
Aboard DE 399 from commissioning in December of 1943 until September 1945.


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