USS Daniel T. Griffin De 54/APD 38


Date and location unknown.

Photo submitted by Robert S. Mullady GM 3/c
Aboard December 1943 to March 1946

Photo 1   |   Photo 2 as VIRGILIO URIBE

2 Jan 2006

I recently retired from the Chilean Navy as a Lieutenant Commander and I served aboard the APD "Uribe" ex-USS Daniel T.Griffin as a sub-lieutenant back 1985. She was decommissioned in 1994 and sunk as a target off the coast of Valparaiso. I had strong feelings for her, cause she was my first ship....and where I had my first big "sea sick" feeling..never again!
Just wanted to let you know...

Gonzalo Lagarini
Chilean Navy

lizard (at)

Your webmaster responded to this email and asked for confirmation that ex-DE54/APD38 was, indeed, sunk as a target.  LCDR Lagarini replied:

3 Feb 2006

Thank you for your quick reply. In regard to your question I understand your need to confirm the information, its no trouble. The day she was sunk I was flying a PC-7 aircraft (I was a Navy Pilot at that time Lieutenant JG)

I was supposed to attack our "Escuadra" (our fleet) and later that day the ships would pass and take a shot of the APD...she was NOT easy to sink, in fact she was hit several times but refused to sink...a party of Seal men had to go back inside her and put some TNT to finish her off. This happened in Nov of 1995.

Before sending this information [this email] I confirmed it with the officer who PUT the TNT on board her and who is still in service.

I am also sending you a photograph taken of her in the Bay of Concepcion in the year 1987.

"Viento a un largo"

Gonzalo Lagarini LCDR (R) Chilean Navy

Webmaster Note:
In searching the Chilean Navy website, there is documentation that APD 38 was sunk as a target.


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