Celebrating The Victory of the Battle Off Samar, Battle of Leyte Gulf
Painting The Bridge To Show The Sinking of A Japanese Cruiser.
Note the painting over his left shoulder indicating the ship downed a Japanese aircraft.

An exerpt from a newspaper article from The Tribune-Sun, San Diego, Nov., 1945, interviewing the ship's first lieutenant, Lt.(jg.) Wayne A. McCurdy:
"He told how the Dennis participated in the first recorded torpedo attack by destroyer escorts on an enemy cruiser line, resulting in the destruction of a 10,000 ton Jap cruiser off Samar.  'Well, there was nothing to do but bluff our way through.  The biggest guns we had were five-inchers against the 16-inchers on the battleships and eight-inchers on the cruisers.  We laid down a heavy smoke screen, made a run on a heavy cruiser and launched our topedoes at 7500 yards.  She went down'.......
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Photo and information submitted by Charlie W Touzell, Mam 3/c, USNR

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