USS Andres DE 45


"I obtained this photo from the National Archives. It shows the USS
Andres DE-45, off the bow of an unidentified DE with five inch gun turret,
shown with Measure 22 Camoflage (Haze Gray and Navy Blue).

This is one of the few color photos taken of DE's during WW II. Because of
the configuration shown, I suspect that the photo was taken some time in
1945. The configuration changed every time we went into a Navy Yard for
periodic attention."

Photo submitted by Ed Eastman, EM2c, USN

"According to the information I had at the time I joined the ship in 1944 as Supply officer, it was built as an escort frigate for the British, but was not delivered because it was only completed after Pearl Harbor and we were
at war. Despite repeated attempts, both at Charleston and Brooklyn Navy Yards, I was never able to get an ice cream making machine installed, nor improved refrigeration space - butter generally spoiled before the end of a convoy round trip.

When I joined the Andres in 1944, it was one of the DEs in the Submarine Chaser Training School based in Miami, Florida. In January 1945 the ship was assigned to convoy duty - US Gib, Norfolk - Oran. We were in Oran for VE Day, May 9, and made a return trip to New York. We were then sent to Casco Bay, New Hampshire, and there was talk about our being sent to Japan. The grapevine said that we were too slow and lacked fire power (three 3" guns on open deck) and ended up back in Miami for submarine training.

We made a few training runs, open ports and movies on the afterdeck, before we were sent to the Charleston Navy Yard for mothballing . Andres was berthed there when VJ Day occurred August 14, 1945.  Decommissioning soon followed."

Information submitted by M. J. Rice ( formerly Lt (jg), USNR)

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Named for Ensign Eric Theodore Andres, b. 12 May 1915, Flint, MI; KIA 9 August 1942 aboard ASTORIA (CA-34), Battle of Savo Island

Type: GMT
Builder: PNY
Laid down as CAPEL for Great Britain (BDE)
Keel laid 02/12/42
Launched 07/24/42
Commissioned 03/15/43
First CO: Lt Cdr Clayton R. Simmers (1)
Served as school ship at SCTS Miami

Decommissioned 10/18/45
Stricken 11/01/45
Scrapped February 1946

Unit of CortDiv 80, Atlantic

From the research of Anne McCarthy,
with contributions by Pat Perrella and Pat Stephens, webmaster. March 2006

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